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Three out of four homeowners born before 1961 are confident they will have a financially comfortable retirement according to the Freddie Mac 55+ Survey, a comprehensive survey of the housing perceptions and preferences of Americans over the age of 55.

The first Freddie Mac 55+ Survey also found that the majority of homeowners in this age group were very satisfied with their homes, their communities and their quality of life. Consistent majorities also said homeownership makes financial sense at almost every stage of adult life, whether or not a person is married or has children.
"The overwhelming message of the Freddie Mac 55+ Survey is that homeownership works. The American Dream delivered greater financial stability and satisfaction to the homeowners…
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Why do some homes sell for a premium? In addition to timing, a home's listing description can have a significant impact on its final sale price. Listings mentioning keywords like "barn door," "shaker cabinets" or "subway tiles," sell faster and for up to 13 percent more than expected, according to a Zillow Digs® analysis.

Zillow Digs analyzed listing descriptions from over 2 million homes nationwide sold between January 2014 and March 2016 to see how certain keywords referring to home features, amenities and design styles impacted their sale price.

Of the 60 keywords analyzed, listings mentioning "barn doors," a rustic sliding door often used on bedroom closets and kitchen pantries, saw the highest sale premium (13 percent above expected values). Other…
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Did you know that if you make less than $70,000 a year and are a first time home buyer that you qualify for a First Time Buyers $7,500 down payment assistance grant?  Yup! Thats right, 7500 bucks for free! Your credit score must be over 640 and thats pretty much it. Oh, one thing is that funds for this program are limited and when they run out, they run out.  If your military active or veteran its $10,000.  Call us today so that we can discuss this further with you or your friends or family who are interested.

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A: To save both time and money, some people avoid getting building permits. But most cities require them. Besides ensuring safety during construction – housing inspectors sometimes stop by to check on the progress of projects at key points – they are also a source of revenue.

Cities charge a fee when a building permit is issued. Also, work done with a building permit can result in an increase in the homeowners’ property taxes because, in general, a home improvement increases the assessed value of the property.

Permits are usually required when any structural work is planned or the basic living space of a home is altered. They generally cover new construction, repairs, alterations, demolition, and additions to a structure. Some jurisdictions require

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What’s Up with the IL Housing Market Now?

The U.S. real estate market has been on a bit of a roller coaster ride for the last decade. So what does the Illinois housing landscape look like now, and where is it heading?

Central IL Foreclosures:

According to statistics from data compiler RealtyTrac Bloomington, IL continues to enjoy some of the lowest rates of foreclosure in the state and country.

McLean County and Bloomington reportedly had 5 times fewer foreclosures than the national average in March 2014. This is even more stunning given the State as a whole is one of the top for foreclosure activity.

Foreclosures in Bloomington, IL have fallen dramatically since 2013 with just 1 in every 4,025 housing units receiving a notice in March 2014.

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Daffodils, April showers, robins and a new crop of For Sale signs seem to be working their seasonal magic on home buyers. The latest Fannie Mae survey, conducted in March, reports that the gloominess that shrouded buyers during the bitter winter months has melted away and attitudes are nearly as positive as they were a year ago.

Consumers who say it’s a good time to buy reached 69 percent, the highest buyer confidence has been since September and just below 71 percent levels of March and April last year. Confidence fell as low as 65 percent in January when concern over interest rates was high. Concern over rates fell markedly in March. The percentage of those who expect rates to rise fell from 56 to 54 percent from February to March and those who expect…
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Regional Spotlight—Illinois home sales decreased 6.2 percent over previous-year levels in February while median prices increased 6.9 percent, according to the Illinois Association of REALTORS®.

Statewide home sales (including single-family homes and condominiums) in February 2014 totaled 7,868 homes sold, down from 8,388 in February 2013. The number of houses on the market in February was down 19.2 percent compared to a year earlier, dropping from 70,053 homes for sale in February 2013 to 56,620 this year.

The statewide median price in February was $132,500, up 6.9 percent from February 2013 when the median price was $124,000. The median is a typical market price where half the homes sold for more and half sold for less.

"The start of the year has been

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